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One of the Finalists for the Institute of Directors 'Director of the Year', Nigel is an Investigator with many years experience

Nigel Parsons private Investigator

Nigel Parsons

Nigel is responsible for much of our Corporate and Legal work

"Working as a Private Detective has lots of pluses and a few minuses. Once you have the bug for some cases it is hard to leave it behind at the end of the day, but there is a great deal of satisfaction, especially if you have a mind for planning and working to objectives".

"I'm responsible for maintaining relationships with many of our Corporate clients. While we are pleased to help any size of business, we have many PLC's as customers who keep us very busily running around, whether it is with employee problems or researching competitor activity."

Nigel's background is in business so it is natural that this is his forte. He understands how companies work and can see how they may be defrauded. But company fraud is not his only issue - he will always provide a sympathetic ear for people's personal problems, and is pleased to have reunited many adoptees with their birth parents

" Although I spend a lot of time in research I still enjoy getting out, even if it's helping out on a surveillance - although the inside of a static van can become an unpleasantly smelling place after a while! Other time is spent in planning and organising jobs - 'don't you just love it when a plan comes together?' "

A serious aspect of some of our work involves the abuse of chatrooms and internet paedophilia. Each week there seems to be a different news item surrounding some girl lured to meet an adult, thinking they have been talking to someone from their own peer group. With co-operation from young looking adult female investigators we have brought several perpetrators to task, for private and for business clients

"That raises another subject and a personal motivator - that of 'building worlds' and creating scenarios that a target will believe. Sometimes the information or evidence we need is inside someone's head and not recorded; the only way to get it out of them is for them to tell you which of course someone will not naturally be willing to do. Create an environment whereby they don't feel threatened, or they feel it is to their advantage to tell you, and they will - so many people, at the end of the day, naturally want to boast. A classic example is the world we created when investigating the hard-core pornography industry when we spent a lot of time creating a 'wannabe' pornographic film star brought to life by Emily. Some of the operation was filmed by the BBC - you can see the results in the BBC film on this website

"A common (mistaken) perception is that we sit in cars all day and chase people; of course that is a part of things, but only a part. It takes a lot to put someone there in the first place, and they need the right skills to get the job done"

Answers Investigation have one of the highest profiles in the UK - we therefore attract a lot of media attention. The company have been the subject of news features on the BBC 6 O'clock and BBC London News, in most of the National newspapers (from the FT to the Daily Express) and various TV documentaries and in local papers such as the Surrey Advertiser
Nigel has been interviewed many times - various radio broadcasts appear below - and is one of the Finalists for the Institute of Directors 'Director of the Year'

Nigel holds a DBS (CRB) Criminal Records Clearance Certificate

Director of the Year Nigel Parsons - Institute of Directors

Private Investigator Nigel Parsons nominated in and a finalist for the Institute of Directors 'Director of the Year'

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