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Investigation in Soho, whether for companies, personal clients or solicitors firms has a very different aspect to work in other areas of Central London. Whether working in Frith Street or Greek Street, we have many local contacts and know the ground and environment extremely well

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  • Corporate Private Investigation London

    Corporate Investigation

    Soho Private Investigators with Corporate expertise handling employee issues, fraud, computer forensics, surveillance and fingerprinting & other corporate issues

    Personal Investigation London

    Personal Issues

    We know it is difficult to talk about matters personal to you, however talk to us - all our people are human beings first, able to listen in confidence and to help you make informed decisions

    Process Serving


    Serving legal documents throughout the UK and abroad. Support services include family law, employment, accident investigation and Computer forensics

    Fingerprinting Guildford


    Full Fingerprinting services in-house, gaining evidence of misdoing and for verification of ID for Compliance, CFTC, NFA, Visas, FBI etc - a professional service

    Surveillance London Private Investigator


    Discreet Surveillance for Corporate or Personal issues by car, on foot, or public transport effected professionally and with confidentiality that will get to the truth of a matter

    London Computer Investigation

    Computer Forensics

    We are one of the few detective agencies who retain Computer Forensics in-house (rather than externally) - a significant advantage in having integrating all aspects of evidence gathering

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