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One thing is guaranteed during the Christmas and New Year season - we will be called upon to check out the office party
Party Girls
Pulling a Cracker? If you have doubts about who your partner is showing off at this year’s do (or any "get-together" to which you’re not invited), hire one of our undercover investigators to find out on your behalf. The first warning sign may be that you have not been invited to your partner’s Christmas do – does the invitation extend to you or is it really limited to company employees? Are other colleagues not taking their partners along - or is it that your partner has their eye on someone else to roast chestnuts in front of the fire? Have they removed the wedding ring beforehand . . . or returned without it?
Party Girls From my personal experience of attending various Christmas functions and office parties, the inclusion of alcohol and festive spirit can often lead to people letting their hair down a little too much. I recall a young lady we were keeping tabs on who chased several of her male colleagues around the hotel following a wild night of party games. She knocked on various hotel rooms until she found herself face to face with her male manager, who subsequently made her more than a job offer! Luckily, on this occasion, having been propositioned, she saw the sensible route to throw her drink in his face . . . . but what if she hadn't?
Office Party Another case involved the boss going home with a rather attractive female colleague having 'phoned his wife to say he was staying in a B &B because he couldn’t get a taxi (and how much he missed her). The husband of one client spent most of the evening pinching waitresses' bums; I've seen men kissing men and women kissing women. It seems that the festive spirit is an automatic license to be a bit silly and let one’s inhibitions (and standards) slide! It can be a valuable warning sign if the client’s husband starts making eyes at someone without being encouraged or enticed.
Office Pranks So what's my take on what I see and what I report to the client? Well, Christmas is no excuse to cheat on your partner. I have witnessed first hand the age-old anecdote about events on the company photocopier. Personally, I'll confess to perhaps showing off a little more flesh than is considered ladylike and being caught dancing with the Christmas tree . . . in my much younger days I might add . . . . but I was single and respected those who were in relationships when I deliberately went looking for my Xmas kiss!

We’ve all heard tales stemming from the Christmas Party, whether this is at the office, a pub, local function room or even a head office arranged event where your partner gets the additional benefit of being paid to stay away in a hotel for the evening. At the end of the day, if you simply gathered colleagues in a room without alcohol, it’s just like another day at work. The Christmas / office party is renowned as an opportunity for people to let their hair down and have fun under the mistletoe - unfortunately, it is too often at the cost of their partner's trust.

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