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Audio Recording

Enhancing digital and analogue audio

Analysing mobile phone data, recovering and rebuilding deleted messages, images, texts etc Call us on 020 7158 0332 to talk about this or any issue - or Email

Digital Recordings:

Digital recording devices at times produce many unwanted, distracting and obstructing noise interference and frequency distortion artefacts. This in its entirety can cause the recording to be displaced or unintelligible. The following examples are mentioned to indicate where both standard enhancement of a digital recording and the forensic enhancement of digital audio recordings are often required:

  • Clean up noise produced by the recording device
  • Forensic background enhancement on sound recordings to bring forward audible levels of environmental noise memory
  • Remove recording device hum frequencies to increase audibility
  • Enhance conversations to produce more audible content
  • Clean individual sentences or words spoken to produce more accurate transcriptions
  • Dialogue Enhancement

    In many cases conversation is recorded to assist an individual or organisation in documenting dialogue spoken during a specific scenario or meeting. Depending on where the recording device microphone has been placed the end product can often produce weak, distant, muffled or distorted recordings

  • • Speech enhancement to improve audibility on audio recordings
  • Audio cleaning processes conducted to enhance voice dialogue
  • Levels raised of near party speakers and background interference suppressed
  • Levels raised of far party speakers to enhance background conversations
  • Analogue Recordings

    While now not so common, similar principles can be used to enhance analogue recordings

    Our sound engineer is in-house and has a wealth of professional experience – with perfect pitch

    Costs vary a little depending upon the processes applied and the length of recording however you should allow for a base cost of £95 + VAT and around an hour's work for every 10 minutes of recording - see our price tariff for details

    Contact us in the first instance either by telephone on 01483 200999 or 020 7158 0332 or email to All matters are handled sensitively, confidentially and discreetly

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    Mobile Phone forensics - recovering data from mobile phones

    Analysing mobile phones, recovering data, lost or deleted text messages, images, instant messenger transcripts, emails etc

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    Audio enhancement
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