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Always busy on the night of February 14th - watching what happens on Valentines Day

If you have doubts about who your partner is seeing on Valentines Day, hire one of our undercover investigators to find out on your behalf. The first warning sign may be that you have not been invited; is it that your partner has their eye on someone else to celebrate with? Have they removed the wedding ring beforehand . . . or returned without it?

From my experience of attending various parties and dinners, there is no smoke without fire. It may be that Valentine's is a day you don't personally celebrate, while your partner does - quite possibly with someone else. It may be a case of the the boss going out with a female colleague or something more long term of which you were unaware. At the end of the day,Valentines Day on February 14th is renowned as an opportunity, too often at the cost of their partner's trust

Experienced investigators will discreetly assist with any personal matter in complete confidence. Call us on 01483 200999 or on any of our local contact numbers. All matters are handled sensitively, confidentially and discreetly

Private Investigator on BBC WM radio

Why Do Men Cheat?

Private Investigator Olivia Ellenger of Answers Investigation talks to BBC Radio's Caroline Martin on her professional perspective of the often asked question: "Why do Men Cheat?"

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