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Talking to us is easy. You can make a free call to 0800 980 4267 or talk to an Investigator locally on the contact numbers here. If you prefer, you can send an email to

Answers Investigation, Private detectives for 25 years are straightforward, professional Investigators with whom you can talk, discuss and engage. We have a significant presence in London, in Surrey, in Hampshire, in Berkshire, in Sussex and in Dorset. You can visit us at physical offices (not someone's kitchen) in Surrey or Hampshire

Our front page shows links to the many sectors and areas of investigation we deal with, our website being the most comprehensive Investigation site in the UK - which is why we are an award winning company

Private Investigation

The breakdown of trust in your relationship is difficult to handle; our people are caring and open in matters of personal investigation

Corporate Investigation

Solving problems that arise in a corporate environment such as the dishonest employee or aggressive competitor


More than just Process Serving legal documents, we have a raft of support services for firms of solcitors in the UK and abroad

Private Detective Andy Cross

Andy Cross is an experienced Investigator of 15 years standing who has many anecdotes to tell of many varying investigations


Fingerprint Services for FBI, FINRA & Criminal Records clearance and as an evidential tool in investigation, producing irrefutable evidence

Cost of Hiring a Private Investigator

How much does it cost to hire a Private Detective - Open and Clear Pricing of all investigative services for corporate and private clients

Challenge 25 -  training and test purchasing in age related sales

Rates and Pricing for Training sessions and Test Purchasing exercises in Challenge 21 & handling underaged sales

Secure site

You can trust us - this website is regularly tested and has passed Security Metrics security scan, enabling safe browsing. We do not use cookies

Audio enhancement of poor quality audio

Answers Investigation's resident audio engineer will digitally enhance an audio recording and improve it to something that can be recognisably heard

Drink spiking at university

Drink Spiking is a real danger at college and in clubs and bars - see our Drink Spiking Safety Advice & programme to combat the menace

Process Server in Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse,  Nice, France

Serving legal documents in France - avoiding the complex French legal system at a fraction of the cost and time

Internet Grooming created dangers 15 years ago as well as today when we filmed this expose with and for the BBC 6 O'Clock News

Private Detective Gibraltar

Private Detective working in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar for commercial and legal clients, with insight into the workings of 'The Rock'

Private Detective Madrid Spain

Private Investigator in Madrid, Spain working not just for commercial clients but for private matters and litigation issues

process Server Process serving serving legal papers

Process Server serving legal papers in London, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Sussex, across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Singapore

Process Server in Spain

We are adept at economically process Serving legal documents in Spain and the Canary Islands quicker and more cost effectively than the Spanish process

Companies House Monitor early warning

A free service providing early warning of Company failure, enabling you to keep a step ahead of potential debtors and opportunities

Challenge 25 -  training staff in underaged sales checking and test purchasing

We train your staff onsite in how to handle underaged sales under the Challenge 25 initiative and use our undercover skills for test purchasing

Private Investigator Lily Elkington

Lily spent a week with us on work experience and tells of some of her adventures in door to door enquiries and working undercover

Private Detective Roadway Magazine

Investigation in the freight & road haulage industry as featured in Roadway Magazine - a write up of work with the road haulage industry

Private Investigator

"searching the world for answers"

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