Jade Porteous, P.I.
Jade Porteous Private Investigator

Jade Porteous, P.I.

Jade spent a week with us as a break from AS studies. If you are interested in Work experience email info@answers.uk.com

Jade spent a week out her AS studies to leave her home in Essex and stay locally for work experience

In her own words, Jade says:

In the time leading up to my placement I was expecting to spend a week more as an onlooker within the office, however I instantly knew these expectations were incorrect when i arrived

The team are extremely friendly and welcoming and treated me as though I was another employee

During my week I got to conduct my own research into clients, accompanied colleagues on client visits enabling me to watch how the fingerprinting process works and was even later taught how to do this myself

I also took part in performing observations and was trusted to deliver evidence back to past clients

All in all my week spent with Answers Investigation was one that will never be forgotten due to the amazing, funny team and exciting opportunities they presented me with, I am very thankful to the team for allowing me to spend the week with them and am very sad to leave them.

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