Jennivy Morris Private Investigator
Jennivy Morris  Private Investigator

Jennivy Morris, P.I.

Jennivy Morris is a Private Investigator with Answers Investigation. Contact her on 01483 200999 or email

Upon graduating University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Psychology, I decided it was time to find a job I would be passionate about and would further develop my interest in investigation. Knowing this may be difficult for someone who has little experience in this area, I applied for an apprenticeship at Answers Investigation. As I conducted my dissertation on the topic of surveillance, I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to transfer the skills and knowledge I gained from University into the professional environment.

After three weeks, I had already learnt how to take fingerprints at an FBI standard, attended observations across the South of England and delved deeper into the process of tracing an individual. I appreciate the fact I am constantly learning in this job role – one which I didn’t even think existed! I am fortunate to work with such a friendly team in a highly reputable and award-winning company

I never knew exactly what career I wanted to pursue, but I did know that I wanted a job I would enjoy. I certainly feel lucky enough to say I look forward to going to work, wherever it may take me

Private Investigator

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