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Former paralegal Rebecca Senghore joined Answers Investigation as a Private Investigator. Call her on 01483 200999 to talk about any issue - or Email

Prior to becoming a Private Detective at Answers investigation I was a Paralegal for a human rights firm. I enjoyed the challenge of applying the law, but it lacked something for me. Although I have followed a traditional education route i.e., undergraduate followed by postgraduate degree, I always knew I was not a good fit for the 9-5 grind

Having a bit of a quarter life crisis I decided it was time for a career change and searched the web for jobs that interested me, rather than those I had experience in. I didn’t want to be stuck in an office, I wanted to be out there amid the action. During my job search I came across this apprenticeship role, I had always been curious about the role of a Private Investigator (admittedly due to too much TV), so I thought I might as well apply and see what happens

To my surprise, Answers Investigation got in contact and invited me for an interview. I was nervous, but after a chat about the job requirements we agreed that I might be a good fit. I am already learning so much on the job; I find this hands-on approach much more engaging than classroom based learning. In just a few weeks I have taken fingerprints, surveyed subjects, conducted research, and completed reports

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