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Private Investigators

Call us FREE on 0800 980 4267 to talk about any issue - or Email Answers Investigation have local sites in London, in Surrey & in Hampshire & other locations across the UK

Private Investigation

Handling a confidential and difficult personal or relationship issue for you is second nature to us. Talk to us - we are empathic people, trustable and with years of experience

Corporate Investigation

A relationship with us as Corporate Investigators lets you resolve those issues facing your business for which there does not seem an easy resolution - we have experienced commercial detectives


We act for Solicitors across the UK and abroad, process serving legal papers across the UK (and Internationally), taking witness statements, surveillance and tracing people

Tracing and locating people - Missing persons, Biological Parents, Adopted children, debt absconders

We trace people for many reasons, finding missing persons, debt absconders, identify biological parents, adopted children - a mix of data research and physical investigation


Analysing fingerprints for evidence and recording fingerprints for identification purposes (e.g. FBI Criminal Records clearances), we are inundated with demand and kept busy

Local Contact

Call us locally, or meet at our offices - we have a presence in several locations in Surrey, Central London and Hampshire, & local presence across the country

International Investigation

One of a very few detective agencies with true working experience in Europe, North Africa & the Middle East, including France, Spain, the Canary islands, and always with a successful result

Private Investigator Lucy Matthews

Lucy spent a week in Work Experience during her GCSE year, investigating missing people and fingerprinting - See Profile
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Mobile Phone Forensics

Recovering deleted data from mobile phones, PDAs, SIM/USIM cards, memory cards, obtaining contact lists, SMS messages, addresses, logs, location - producing irrefutable evidence

Process Server Monaco Détective Privé serving legal paeris in monaco

We circumvent complex European processes to serve legal papers in Monaco and many other areas of France, Spain, Portigal, Italy, Germany, Switzerland & the Middle East

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Answers Investigation work across the Middle East in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain in adddition to acting for Middle-Eastern clients looking after their interests in the UK

process Server Process serving serving legal papers

Process Servers for legal documents from Statutory Demands to Family Law orders across the UK, in France, Spain, Dubai & the Emirates elsewhere in Europe and across the world

The Scotsman newspaper report on  Answers Investigation services to the LGBT communitys

Regional newspaper 'The Scotsman' article on Answers Investigation working in and for the LGBT community and some of the unique issues that arise - 'The Pink Panther'

Challenge 25 training and test purchasing free posters

Test Purchasing pubs, stores, retail outlets and clubs to assess whether Challenge 25 policies are being implemented at ground level, saving you the risk of incurring loss of licence

Private Investigator

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