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Paris - Working in Paris is second nature to us, a far cry from many companies who find a city in another country an obstacle. Easily accessible, we have investigated, conducted surveillance operations and on very many occasions effected the service of legal documents, circumventing the complicated French system, cutting costs dramatically in a reduced time scale
Private Investigation

Private Matters

We know it is hard to make that first 'phone call; please don't worry - we are caring people who will listen and find a practical soultion to your personal or relationship problem

Corporate Investigation

Business Investigation

A relationship with us as Corporate Investigators lets you resolve those issues facing your business for which there does not seem an easy resolution - we have experienced commercial detectives



Working for 100's of solictors firms and chambers, we process serve Nationally and Internationally & evidence litigation issues, obtaining witness statements & conducting surveillance

private Investigator Amy Coleman

Amy Coleman

Profile of Private Investigator Amy Coleman, adept organiser, surveillance operative, fingerprinter and finalist in the SME Business Awards Apprentice of the Year



Integrtaing forensic disciplines such as fingerprinting in-house facilitates investigation and identifies the guilty - see the business awards we have won for our investigative work

International Investigation


We are consistently called upon for investigation abroad, often working in Frequently working in France, Spain & Europe & handling matters in North Africa & the Middle East

 Private Investigator Paris Détective Privé France


Paris - we have investigated, conducted surveillance operations and on very many occasions effected the service of legal documents, circumventing the complicated French system

Mobile Phone Forensics

Mobile Phone Forensics

Recovering hidden and deleted data from mobile phones, PDAs, SIM/USIM cards, memory cards, obtaining contact lists, SMS messages, addresses, logs, location

process Server Process serving serving legal papers

Process Serving

Process Serving of legal documents across the United Kingdom, in France, in Spain, in Dubai & the Emirates and Internationally - we work for several hundred legal firms

private Investigator Agadir Morocco detective prive


Handling investigative assignments in Agadir or Morocco and North Africa is a speciality of ours. We have experience not only of the local environment but of language and the way in which things work

Challenge 25 training and test purchasing free posters

Challenge 25

Test Purchasing pubs, clubs and licensed premises to establish if staff adhere to Challenge 25 and Challenge 21 policies, avoiding fines and a potential license review

Private Investigator Brittany Roscoff Brest Rennes France Détective Privé


We have worked extensively in Brittany; access to the area is straightforward from our office near Southampton, with Brest and Rennes just an hour away via regional airports or ferry access to St Malo

private Investigator internet dangers facebook whatsapp tindr

Internet Dangers

Answers have expertise in handling issues surrounding teenagers and family, especially those involving the internet, chat rooms and potential blackmail or corruption. See the BBC News

Private Investigator

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