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Talking to us is easy. You can make a free call to 0800 980 4267 or talk to an Investigator locally on the contact numbers here. If you prefer, you can send an email to

Private Investigation

The breakdown of trust in your relationship is difficult to handle; our people are caring and open in matters of personal investigation

Corporate Investigation

Solving problems that arise in a corporate environment such as the dishonest employee or aggressive competitor


Process Serving legal documents is just one aspect of the many services provided Nationally and Internationally to firms of solcitors

Farnham Weyside rotary club talk

It was our pleasure to speak at the dinner of Farnham Weysdie Rotary Club


Fingerprint Services for FBI, FINRA & Criminal Records clearance and as an evidential tool in investigation, producing irrefutable evidence

Local Investigator

Twenty Five years in Private Investigation with a network of local contact from London to the South Coast and beyond

Mobile Phone Forensics

Forensic investigation of a mobile phone will rebuild deleted messages, contacts and instant messaging, discovering the truth behind a device

Internet grroming from instant messaging danger

Teenagers who use instant messaging through such as Whatsapp, Snapchat and Facebook can end up talking to the wrong people

Audio enhancement of poor quality audio

Poor quality audio recordings can be enhanced in-house by our resident sound and audio engineer to provide an audible recording

process Server Process serving serving legal papers

Process Serving throughout the UK and Internationally in France, in Spain, Monaco, Dubai and Singapore

Challenge 21 training and test purchasing age related sales

Implementing Challenge 21 to your bar, club, supermarket, hotel, event, or any putlet that sells age related products

Private Investigator Portugal Detetive Confidencial

Investigation in Portugal from Porto to Lisbon, Faro and the Algarve on behalf of clients with interests in the country & resident business

NetXP East Sussex Business Expo Private Investigator Sherlock

Sherlock investigated the East Sussex Business Expo on March 1st 2018 - now tell us the answer to the mystery

Australian Dolly magazine article on UK teen detectives

Australian teen publication "Dolly" Magazine features the work of teenage apprentice detectives of Answers Investigation

Hampshire Meet the Chamber networking Liphook

Did Sherlock investigate you at Hampshire Chamber's Meet the Chamber Event? Please call us if you would like your photograph

tackling social media abuse from facebook whatsapp snapchat twitter

Abuse from social media platforms is emotionally damaging, especially to children and teenagers - we have some ways to resolve the problem

Adult consensual practices blackmail

The sensitive issues of persons involved in adult consensual practices will sometimes cause embarrassment in life, with which we will help

Private Investigator

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