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Private Investigation

Personal Investigation

The pain of talking about a personal issue - perhaps betrayal by your partner, or wanting to locate your birth parents, or simply needing to deal with a difficult problem - is less if you talk to us



Process Serving of legal documents across the UK and Internationally, and more - from evidencing litigation issues, supporting Family Law cases, process serving - a raft of support services



Our innovation has been rewarded by winning awards for fingerprint work, with an in-house service not seen in other agencies for Compliance, CFTC, NFA, Visas etc & on-scene investigation,

International Investigation


Frequently working in Europe, particularly France and Spain, where it is more reliable for a UK Investigator to operate, we have also handled assignments in North Africa & the Middle East

Private Investigator East Grinstead West Sussex  Private Detective

East Grinstead Detective

Private Investigation in East Grinstead and West Sussex for business and personal clients

BBC Radio - Why do Men Cheat? Private Investigators

Why do Men Cheat?

BBC Radio interview - Private Investigator Olivia Ellenger of Answers Investigation talks to BBC Radio on her professional perspective of the often asked question: "Why do Men Cheat?"

Private Investigator surveillance on Valentines Day

Valentine's Day

We are of course always busy on Valentine's Day - and, as it this year falls on a Sunday on the Saturday night before. Is your partner with you, or with someone else?

BBC London News Private Investigators

BBC London News

Short news documentary piece on the mainline BBC News - a lighthearted look at our service using our investigative skills to check out the "Neighbours" on behalf of would-be house purchasers

Blackmail victim Private Investigator


We have helped many victims of blackmail who have not wanted to make a public criminal issue of what may be a sensitive matter, effecting friends, work and family

South Coast Business Private Investigator

South Coast Business

Once again Sherlock will be at the South Coast Business Show at the Novotel, Southampton, on February 10th. Come and meet us face to face - and Sherlock too!

Private Investigator Andover

Andover Investigator

Andover Private Investigator - local investigation in Hampshire for personal & business

Private Investigator Tunisia
Détective Privé Sfax

Sfax, Tunisia

Investigation abroad in Sfax, Tunisia we have experience of North Africa including Sfax, Tunisia and Morocco for both personal and legal matters important to clients

Employee Issues Private Investigator

Employee Issues

Employees - both the lifeblood of a company and sometimes a company's downfall. Genuineley sick or unlawfully absent? Honest or a thief? Discreet Private Investigation will find the truth

Private Investigator

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