Private Detective

Talking to us is easy. You can make a free call to 0800 980 4267 or talk to an Investigator locally on the contact numbers here. If you prefer, you can send an email to

Private Investigation

The breakdown of trust in your relationship is difficult to handle; our people are caring and open in matters of personal investigation

Corporate Investigation

Solving problems that arise in a corporate environment such as the dishonest employee or aggressive competitor


Process Serving legal documents is just one aspect of the many services provided Nationally and Internationally to firms of solcitors

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce exhibition priavte detective

Come and meet Sherlock Holmes - in Southampton at the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce Meet the Chamber event


Fingerprint Services for FBI, FINRA & Criminal Records clearance and as an evidential tool in investigation, producing irrefutable evidence

Local Investigator

Twenty Five years in Private Investigation with a network of local contact from London to the South Coast and beyond

Mobile Phone Forensics

Revealing all the secrets of a mobile phone through forensic investigation and analysis, rebuilding deleted messages and files

Private Detective Lanzarote, Playa Blanca, Arrecife

Lanzarote Private Detective working with local contacts on investigation involving tourists and business on the Island

Audio enhancement of poor quality audio

Enhamcing audio recordings to enable you to hear the tape clearly and able to transcribe a conversation in a noisy environment

Apprentice Private Investigator

We are currently recruiting for an Apprentice Private Detective - follow this link for more information & explore our website to learn about us

compensation culture and fraudulent claims

The Compensation Culture is rife in the UK - we obtain evidence to refute fraudulent claims and protect you from financial loss

process Server Process serving serving legal papers

Process Serving throughout the UK and Internationally in France, in Spain, Monaco, Dubai and Singapore

Private Detective working in Fuerteventura

Working on assignment in Fuerteventura on behalf of private clients and in commercial matters, with experience in Spanish investigation

Challenge 21 training and test purchasing age related sales

Training your staff in the licensed trade in Challenge 21 sales is an important move to protect your licence from review or worse

illegal minicabs, taxis, private hire vehicles

Investigation on behalf of taxi associations, LTDA etc of illegal minicabs and private hire vehicles, investigating minicabs touting for fares that are not pre-booked and the activities of such as Uber

Private Investigator

"searching the world for answers"

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