Answers Investigation
Private Investigators

Answers Investigation are finalists in the SME Business Awards for both the Apprentice of the Year and for the SME Business of the Year, after winning the same awards in 2015
Private Investigation

Private Matters

Talk to us and, with our years of experience we will make what seems like an unresolvable personal or relationship issue into somewhere you can see light at the end of a tunnel

Corporate Investigation

Business Investigation

A relationship with us as Corporate Investigators lets you resolve those issues facing your business for which there does not seem an easy resolution - we have experienced commercial detectives



Working on behalf of hundreds of legal firms, process serving legal papers across the UK (and Internationally), taking witness statements, surveillance and tracing people

private Investigator Finalists in SME Business awards business of the year apprentice of the year

SME Business Awards

Answers Investigation are finalists in the SME Business Awards for both the Apprentice of the Year and for the SME Business of the Year, after winning the same awards in 2015



The comprehensive range of our expertise is epitomised by our fingerprint services for both establishing evidence and providing verified ID for FBI, FINRA & Certificates of Good Conduct

Local Contact

Local Contact Details

Talk to us on local numbers, or meet at our offices - we have a presence in several locations in Surrey, Central London and Hampshire, & local presence across the country

International Investigation


Operating in many different countries in Europe & North Africa & the Middle East, including France, Spain, the Canary islands, and always with a successful result for the client

private Investigator southampton business expo 2016 aegeas bowl

Southampton Expo

Did Sherlock find you at the Southampton Business Expo 2016? Please email us at if you would like copies of any photographs of Sherlock at your stand or with you as a visitor

Challenge 21 training and test purchasing free posters

Challenge 21

Helping the licensed trade, supermarkets and off-licences in Challenge 21 and Challenge 25, providing training, ID staff checking programmes, and free posters that support Challenge 21

private Investigator corsica france detective prive corse


Having worked in Corsica (and extensively in France) we are familiar with the island, especially Ajaccio and Bastia. This experience places us in a good position for any future enquiry

Fraud Investigation


We have resolved two corporate & charitable frauds in the last week, culminating in Police arrests. This article discussing Corporate Fraud was written by a member of our investigation team

Mobile Phone Forensics

Mobile Phone Forensics

Recovering hidden and deleted data from mobile phones, PDAs, SIM/USIM cards, memory cards, obtaining contact lists, SMS messages, addresses, logs, location

process Server Process serving serving legal papers

Process Serving

Service of legal documents throughout the UK from Witness Summons to Statutory Demands, not only in the UK but also internationally in France, in Spain, in Dubai & the Emirates

private Investigator  office party undercover

Office Party

If you have doubts about who your partner is showing off at this year’s do (or any "get-together" to which you’re not invited), hire one of our undercover investigators to find out on your behalf.

Private Investigator

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