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Fingerprint Evidence

Fingerprint Evidence

Fingerprint Evidence is precise and conclusive. Analysis and comparison of fingerprints can prove vital in investigation and will establish the fact of a matter irrefutably



We record fingerprints for Visa, CFTC, FINRA, FBI and other matters of compliance, either in the convenience of your office, using mobile equipment, or at ours

CFTC Fingerprinting

CFTC Fingerprinting

Many hedge funds have to register with the CFTC As a part of the registration process, the principals and certain employees of the CPO will need to submit fingerprint cards


Corporate Fingerprinting

Comparison and analysis of prints on-site or from items will identify a culprit or clear someone under suspicion, allowing you to discreetly resolve a difficult situation

Private Investigation

Private Fingerprinting

Comparison to prints lifted from objects will demonstrate who is telling the truth, whether a matter of theft or malicious mail. Services on-site or at our base

NFA Fingerprinting

NFA Fingerprinting

NFA members must submit fingerprint cards for each of their applicants for registration. Any individual that is applying to register must send a completed fingerprint card to NFA

Certificate of Godd Conduct Fingerprinting

Certificate of Good Conduct

Fingerprinting as a requirement for applications for Police Clearance worldwide from Abi Dhabi to Trinidad

Croydon Business awards Finalist

Croydon Business Awards

We are Finalists in the Croydon Business awards for Tech Innovation for our intiatives in developing Fingerprinting as an integral part of Investigation

FSB Business Awards

FSB Business Awards

Winners of the FSB Awards for Business Innovation for professionalism in integrating fingerprinting forensics to our raft of services

Process Agents

Fingerprinting Gallery

Pictures of Fingerprinting in action, revealing, producing and comparing fingerprints together with teaching apprentices & work experience

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