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Corporate Investigation

Employees & HR

Employees & HR

Avoiding the time and cost of a needless employment tribunal is what our evidence of wrongdoing by an employee will achieve; when faced with evidence, 90% of complainants will back down



Staff become sick and take time off work; others tell you they are sick when they are not. Long weekends and staff pulling "sickies" threaten a companies ability to cover the cost of unlawful or false absence

Employment Tribunal

Employment Tribunal

No employer likes an employment tribunal. By obtaining evidence we achieve what you really want - making the problem go away and having the case withdrawn



Surveillance - often a key ingredient in resolving an employee issue. Whether practical observation or through electronic tracking (and ideally a combination of both) we will help you avoid the dreaded tribunal

Private Investigation


We take fingerprints for Regulatory Compliance, CFTC, NFA, Visas and other ID. Fingerprint operatives visit your business premises to record and evidence fingerprints

Computer Investigation

Computer Investigation

We are one of the few detective agencies who retain Computer Forensics in-house (rather than externally) - a significant advantage in having integrating all aspects of evidence gathering

Tracing People

Tracing People

Tracing, locating and identifying individuals for business reasons - debtors, business directors, gone-away employees, insolvency and many other reasons for tracking someone down

Moonlighting in ther jobs


You may think your employees work for you, but it is often the case that your money is paying for someone's time elsewhere. This may be when they are "sick", or when you think they are fully employed

Compensation Claims


The UK has a Compensation Culture, especially in business. We have assisted many companies in defence of claims against them, providing evidence of fraudulent accident and loss of business claims

Companies House Monitor

Company Monitor

Our Monitor service will keep you updated as soon as a change in circumstances is filed at Companies House on as many designated companies as you wish.

GPS Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle Tracking

Tracking the movements of a company car or van will determine an employee's movements and establish whether they concur with time plans etc, evidence helpful to solving a case

Private messages at work can be read by  employers Private Investigator

Employees Private Messages

A European ruling means an employer can uncover and access the private messages of employees created while they are at work, or while they are using company equipment

Mobile Phone Forensics

Mobile Phone Forensics

Retrieval, analysis and examination of data found and recovered from mobile phones, PDAs, SIM/USIM cards, memory cards, obtaining contact lists, SMS messages, address books, call logs, and location information

FSB Business Awards Overall Winners

Overall Winners

Answers Investigation were judged Overall Winners of the 'FSB Business Awards' 2015

Toast of Surrey Business Awards Finalists Apprentice Scheme of the Year

TOAST Finalists

We were finalists in the Toast of Surrey Business Awards for the Apprentice Scheme of the Year

Croydon Business awards

Croydon Business Awards

Finalists in the Croydon Business awards for Tech Innovation for our intiatives in developing Fingerprinting as an integral part of Investigation

Eagle Radio Biz Award Winner

Eagle Business Awards

Winner of Eagle Radio's 'Young Person in Business Award', recognising the contribution made to a business by a young person under 25

FSB Business awards

FSB Awards Launch

Private Investigator Nigel Parsons claims he was "ambushed" with a microphone at the launch of the 2015 FSB Surrey Business Awards

FSB Business Awards Winner

FSB Business Awards

Winners of the FSB Awards for Business Innovation for professionalism in integrating fingerprinting forensics to our raft of services

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